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My winding career path started in entertainment publicity at age 20, when I joined leading non-profit arts and entertainment organization, GenArt, as an intern, assisting at movie premieres, fashion shows, art exhibits and charity events. My first job out of college was at adidas US, where I worked with major publications and supported a variety of high-profile international clients at sponsored events from indie movie screenings to major concerts.

In 2004 I joined and helped turn it from a little-known British lingerie e-tailer to the number one, go-to resource for all things intimate apparel in less than two years. My persuasive pitches, poignant press releases and creative promotions helped the site build strong brand awareness and gain key editorial coverage. But it was my positive attitude and willingness to step in whenever and wherever possible that earned me a reputation as a reliable source inside and outside the company.

In 2006, I moved to Denver, Colo., and found new challenges at the American Water Works Association as public affairs coordinator, where I managed daily media relations and coordinated major communication efforts for their nearly 60,000 membes. I swiftly moved up the ranks at this non-profit research and educational organization, moving from public affairs into marketing communications, managing the marketing efforts for over 20 conferences and educational programs, from initial concept, budgeting and planning, to creative execution.

A three-year stint back in New York had me working the Euro-US connection at UK Trade & Investment by supporting British companies interested in US market entry. Through thorough market research, networking with industry experts and building strong relationships with my clients, I set them on a path for success in the US, and won a few awards on the way. In my spare time, I  attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Master's degree in hand, I returned to Colorado to enjoy the fast-paced and creative environment of place marketing, where each day my communication efforts help communities attract businesses, talented professionals and investors that help them grow and prosper.

Today I bring my diverse work experiences, penchant for travel and adventurous spirit to the Grand Junction area. Contact me if you'd like some help with your communications efforts - or for a playdate with Wiggles (aka my toddler)!

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