Cilia Kohn

About me

Product Placement

At, I worked with numerous women's and fashion publications to place products on their pages. Here are a few examples:

Elle: international brand announcement

Jane: Christina Aguilera wears Azzolini  

Seventeen: full page for Eberjey

Copy Writing - Advertising

I've written advertisements for print, online, TV and radio. Here's a print campaign for the American Water Works Association's annual conference that I was particularly proud of:  

Content Creation

I recently gave a facelift (I was the project manager, copy writer, content curator, all-round fixer). Here's what it used to look like:

Scary, right? Click here to see it now. 

For Your Reading Pleasure...

In 2011, I earned my master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. I had the opportunity to write and publish several stories. Here's one of my favorites:  

Cultivating a New Life: Brooklyn-born Woman Follows Farming Dream

The Green Standard, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, December 2009

Megan Haney is neither particularly big nor apparently strong. Sitting at her kitchen table, surrounded by books and tchotchkes, drinking a cup of homemade basil tea, Haney looks like a professor. She’s near 40, wears glasses, her brown hair cut in a short, low-maintenance hairdo. Her appearance is pleasing, yet unassuming. But, she asserted, “I [can] haul ass.”  Click for full article

Get in touch

These are just a few work samples. Email me at to see more, including email and print marketing materials; online, print and broadcast advertising, advertorials, editorial, social media and event collateral.